World Oceans Day: Our Oceans, Our Future

Dalmatian dog running on back sand beach

Today is World Oceans Day. The 2017 theme of “Our Oceans, Our Future” focuses on encouraging solutions to plastic pollution and preventing marine litter for a healthier ocean and a better future. Healthy oceans, healthy planet!

Get Inspired! Support World Oceans Day

Check out the World Oceans Day website for resources and information on plastic pollution and things you can do to contribute to healthier oceans. Small changes and simple actions all add up.

Our Ocean, Our Efforts

We’re lucky enough to currently live within walking distance of the ocean. Better still, it’s a beautiful stretch of dog-friendly beach. It is a rare occasion that I’m at the beach without one or both dogs. They love it, and so do I.

Unfortunately, our dogs also love beachcombing along the high tide line for yucky things to roll in or nibble. I often spend time with them for safety, walking through and surveying everything that has washed up instead of strolling along the waters edge.   Silver lining?  If I’m going to stare at the tide line, I might as well bring along an extra bag or two and collect trash. 

Sandy rubbish collected during a beach walk

Our stretch is relatively clean compared to many, but there is still always some rubbish washed up along the high tide line.  I’ve found some really strange things on our walks, but mostly just random debris washed ashore or left by inconsiderate visitors.  There are a lot of repeat offenders, too. Beverage rubbish in particular: juice-box straws, big straws, bottle caps, coffee cup lids, and fragments of plastic drink cups, etc. Sad.

Two Dalmatian dogs running on the beach at sunrise

It’s a very feel good feeling to leave the beach a little cleaner than we found it. Picking up trash when walking the dogs also helps us pay it forward and offset our environmental pawprints. Truly, it’s such as small effort to make, and every little bit helps! 

World Oceans Day beach litter collection

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