Welcome to our New Website!

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Welcome to the new and improved Green in Real Life blog website. We’ve been busy for the past few months getting ready behind the scenes, and I’m excited to invite you all in to explore our new site and join us for adventures in the garden and beyond.

Good Things are Growing!

Existing posts have been transferred from our previous website, but they’re not yet live here on the new website. We’re working through them slowly to ensure that the formatting, images, and links are all a-ok for the best possible reader experience. They’ll go live one-by-one as once ready. Apologies for the disruption in availability.

Favourite posts (both ours and reader favourites) are prioritised. Once ready, redirects will be put into place so existing bookmarks and pins will (hopefully) go straight to your favourites. Unfortunately, because we’ve totally overhauled the way our site is formatted, some redirects may not be active. Some content won’t be transferred. Those redirects will take you to our home page or, where better suited, a related page, post, or category. Apologies for the inevitable speed bumps along the way.

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Start Exploring

Categories, tags, feature post galleries, recent posts, popular posts, and navigation menus are all live. These are ready to help you explore the new blog, although some content is still in migration as noted above.  If you’re looking for something in particular, you can search the blog from our header or sidebar. Some of the big categories for exploration include:

There are also new pages to help visitors find key information about the blog and detailed site policies. Site information is available via About | Work with Us | Resources and Tools and detailed site policies are available via Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Disclosure Policy | Copyright Policy.

Social Media

Although the blog website has moved, our social media links remain the same. If you’re not already following the fun, I’d love for you to join Green in Real Life on your favourite social media platforms. 

Hope to see you here, there, and everywhere! 🍃

Welcome to the new Green in Real Life website

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