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Our Privacy Policy describes how Green in Real Life uses and protects any information or data that might be shared by or collected from our visitors. It also provides information on third-party tools, services, and programs used by Green in Real Life and our website. These privacy details supplement our Terms of Use and should be reviewed in conjunction with accepting those Terms.

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Who We Are

Green in Real Life is a New Zealand based personal blog, focused on gardening with a splash of creativity and every day greener living. Our website address is You can read more on our About page. In our early years, Green in Real Life was on Google Blogger (blogspot), and old links may automatically redirect visitors to corresponding posts or pages here. 

Governance and Privacy Regulations

As a New Zealand based entity, The Privacy Act 2020 is the legal framework that governs the collection, handling, and disclosure of data for Green in Real Life. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has good resources for understanding the principals of The Privacy Act. Consumer has also created an easy to understand overview of New Zealand Privacy Law. 

Accessing Green in Real Life

Data supports a variety of  functional and practical purposes for us and our visitors. When you visit or interact with Green in Real Life here and elsewhere, there are a number of ways in which cookies may be applied and/or data may be used. These may include:

  • System operating tools
  • Website traffic analytics
  • Advertising and affiliate programs
  • User provided information via comments, widgets, email, social media, etc.

Green in Real Life is completely free access. Unlike many websites, no login or membership is required. We don’t directly collect any information. Unless you choose to interact with us in a more personal way, any data you share or impart is collected via third-party tools and applications. Many of these are used to create, deliver, support, and improve our website. In addition to functional data, some third-party elements provide an opportunity for us to earn revenue, such as providing space for ads. These rely on data to function, but are vital components of keeping this blog free access.

You can choose to access Green in Real Life using blocking and/or opt-outs. Data supports many important functions, including the advertising relationships that are keeping this blog (and others) sharing for free, but if you’re anti-cookie, there are a number of options available for greater personal privacy. These include customisation with individual third-parties, adjusting settings or cleansing the cookies in your browser, using private or incognito browsing with settings applied, or using an opt-out or blocker service. Readers who do not wish to have cookies set or data collected should activate these settings prior to accessing our website, where possible. 

Our current consent management tool is CookieYes (Privacy Policy). Depending on your location and device settings, you might also be shown a Google-generated banner when you visit our website that allows you to customise your on-site data preferences with respect to their services and associated vendors. Be advised that opting out may affect your user experience as some functions may not work correctly and/or appearance may be adversely affected.

Note: We are currently testing new data and cookie notification tools for our website. Apologies for any disruptions, formatting issues, and/or repeat notifications after you’ve already accepted a prior format. For readers visiting us from some locations, you may see different and/or multiple formats as part of regional data/privacy compliance requirements.  Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Website Visitor Data Functions

Data makes the site more user-friendly. Data, including cookies, helps with formatting, display, navigation, sharing, and other use of our blog. It also supports simple functions like as stopping the privacy/consent notification from plaguing your visits after you’ve already clicked to dismiss. 

Data helps us understand our audience and improve the blog. A key part of data collection and use is helping to understand our traffic. Analytics (website statistics) allow website operators to review aggregated information, such as page/post view numbers, referring sources, and a basic breakdown of page views by country. We use these analytics to help understand things like popular topics or incoming links so that we can improve the content that we share with you. They also help to identify issues or errors with the formatting, delivery, or other problems that might be affecting our site.

Data helps us to keep the blog open access and completely free. Advertising and affiliate programs help offset the cost of creating and running Green in Real Life as free access website. Advertising and affiliate programs use data like unique referrer codes and/or cookie/tag tracking to credit the referring sites. See below for additional information. We also have a detailed Disclosure Policy.

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Personal Data - Direct

We do not directly collect or store any personal data. Readers can visit Green in Real Life anonymously. No paywalls, log-ins, subscriptions, or other personal access control (other than standard security features) are applied to our blog. Everything is openly and freely shared. We don’t directly sell any form of products or services. We don’t use email newsletters, direct marketing, or other forms of email promotion for Green in Real Life. If you use a service or application to read feeds or get updates from here and/or other favourite websites, these are independent of the source websites and you should review your chosen provider’s privacy policies for their details.

Contact with Green in Real Life may involve some forms of data. Although we don’t directly collect data, there may be optional interactions through which you voluntarily provide data, such as email, or social media. We won’t disclose any information shared directly (e.g. email) unless required by law. For third-parties, like social media, there may be information publicly available to us and other people, such as your user profile. Information may also be gathered by the social media applications. 

Personal Data - Third Party

We use third-party systems and services to support the delivery of Green in Real Life. They may collect data and/or set cookies when you visit and/or use data they’ve collected elsewhere to customise third-party advertisements that may be displayed to you while visiting Green in Real Life. 

Website Platforms, Tools, and Services

Third-party services and external associations operate under different individual privacy policies. Our main services, programs, tools, etc. are listed below, along with their individual privacy links. Note that this list is subject to change, and some listed items may not all be active at any given time. 

Aggregated Statistics

Within the various dashboards of our hosting service, webmaster tools, and other website analytics, we’re able to review aggregated statistical data about our visitors and website traffic. These include non-personally identifying information such as visitor numbers, page or post views, incoming search terms, and referring external public links. As noted above, this information helps us understand traffic patterns and reader preferences to continuously improve our website and content for our readers.

Embedded Content

The website may include embedded content (media, videos, images, etc.). Embedded content shared from elsewhere may behave as if the viewer was visiting the source website or application (see External Links and Social Media below). They may collect data, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and/or monitor your interaction with that embedded content.

External Links

Green in Real Life includes a variety of different links (internal and external), including references, resources, special interest links, social media links, affiliate links, and advertising banners. Once you click through a link, whatever site you enter will have its own privacy policy (and in some cases, their own data notifications and/or opt-ins). We’re not responsible for the policies or practices of any externally linked sites; however, if you are ever directed to a site of concern please let us know.

Advertising and affiliate programs offset the cost of running a free access website, and they require data to function correctly. Most programs use unique referrer codes and cookie/tag tracking to credit the referring source. These are applied and controlled by the receiving site. Advertisers may also use their own data to customise the advertising content that is served in designated positions on our site. See our detailed Disclosure Policy for more information on these programs and how they work. 

Social Media

Green in Real Life also uses social media and supports social sharing. We use some forms of social media directly by posting, sharing, and commenting under the Green in Real Life profile. We also have buttons here on the blog for easy social sharing. Sharing is a user-initiated interaction with the social media, email, or messaging platform of their choice. Corresponding privacy policies are available within each individual social media site or app.  Most also offer a variety of settings that users can customise. It’s good practice to review your personal privacy settings on a regular basis. 

Updates and Feedback

This page was last updated on 31 May 2024
Questions, requests, or other feedback? Contact us via email.

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