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Copyright © – Green in Real Life 2015-2024 (Present) and the blog owner as content author, designer, creator, and photographer. Unless otherwise noted within the page/post, the blog owner is the copyright owner of all original content and photographs. Unauthorised duplication or use without express and written permission from the blog owner is strictly prohibited. We welcome the respectful sharing of post links and linked referencing. As detailed below, brief excerpts may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.  See Sharing and Featuring Our Content below for additional information.

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This blog and its original content are owned by Green in Real Life and are protected by New Zealand and international copyrights, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws. Under New Zealand law, copyright is governed by the Copyright Act 1994, which allows copyright owners certain controls over the use and dissemination of their works. You can read more about Copyright protection in New Zealand via the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (MBIE) and/or the New Zealand Intellectual Property OfficeDifferent regions apply various copyright laws, but most are similarly aligned and our copyright automatically arises under international  treaties and agreements. 

Original Content Copyright by the Blog Owner

Unless otherwise noted within the page/post, the blog owner is the creator and copyright owner of all content and photographs on this blog. Some elements of our website may also use free and/or paid/purchased templates, software, tools, widgets, and other resources. Although attribution is not required in their terms of use, we like to recognise the great products and creative tools that help us deliver Green in Real Life. See our Resources and Tools page for more information and links.

Guests, Features, and External Content

Any content on this blog that has been sourced from elsewhere has been rightly purchased (where applicable) and/or credited appropriately, to the best of our knowledge. If you see an attribution error, please let us know so that we can fix it up straight away. Thanks for helping. If your content has been featured and you would like it removed, please contact us and we will make sure it is taken down. 

Sharing and Featuring our Content

We love it when readers share our links, feature one of our posts, or pin our content. It’s great when you link to our blog and invite friends and other readers to visit. Thanks for helping us grow.

A lot of effort goes into creating and sharing interesting content for Green in Real Life. Please don’t copy our content, directly or paraphrased, to your own website or elsewhere. Copying isn’t sharing, it’s stealing. Respectful sharing encourages others to explore the original source. It doesn’t duplicate or devalue that source’s content. Please respect our time and effort, and don’t misuse or abuse our work. As a bonus for good behaviour, it will be better for your own website’s SEO if you don’t duplicate work, and it can even work in your SEO favour to share relevant links to the sources instead. 

Round-Ups, Features, and Other Links

Linking to our website? Whoot whoot! Sharing is caring. Thanks! 

Feel free to tag us in (if you’d like) if you’re sharing one of our links publicly on social media.

If you are doing a round-up style post on your own blog or website and would like to link to Green in Real Life, you’re welcome to include one of our post images (with appropriate credit linking back to the source) if you wish. If you want to share your post link with us (and our readers), you can mention us on Facebook or in a tweet, tag us in an Instagram post, send us an email, whatever you wish.

Use of Our Photographs and Other Visuals

You are not permitted to use our images in any context that does not directly feature, relate, and link to the original post here on the blog. Unauthorised use will be considered a violation of copyright.

As noted above, you are welcome to include one of our photographs if you are featuring a link to one of our blog posts, but please don’t use photos from Green in Real Life as your own, or in any other manner without specific and linked credit (don’t bury credit in footnotes, hashtags, comments, or similar). If you would like to share more than one image in your post, do a special feature about Green in Real Life, or have any other questions, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

You are not permitted to post or otherwise redistribute digital copies of any of our graphics or freebies without specific authorisation. Please email us if you have questions or to make a request. 

Note: Pinterest pins linking directly back to the source here the blog are allowed. You’re very welcome to pin our posts and we love it when you share our links. You can pin whichever photo takes your fancy, and there at least one text overlay photo included with each post to help with easy pinning.

Use of Externally Credited Photographs and Visuals

We will always credit with links when sharing someone else’s work out of respect and in the hope that it increases their exposure. If an image here on the blog is credited to another source, please visit the source and abide by their policies should you wish to share or use it in other ways. Cool? Thanks!

Thanks for respecting our copyright! It's appreciated.

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