Our New Garden… Not So Green in Real Life!

Cracked muddy clay soil

Hello from our new house and new garden! We’re back on the bog at last! It has been quite a while my lovelies. Our moving blog pause has been far longer than intended – sorry to leave you waiting. Let’s take a little look at my current muddy mess garden-to-be.

Green in Real Life blog space bar small right flower

Getting Ready to Create Our New Garden

It is taking longer than we would like to put out new home and life into order. Now, it’s on to the new garden. The house is a new build, so the garden is a blank slate. Unfortunately, a little more blank that it was supposed to be on handover and move! Due to a building delay, it was too late in the season for the ground to be levelled, dressed, and ready for lawns or gardens. That meant no garden, no grass, no fences, and no access for pets. It’s been a rather unsettled few months for the furry family members.

After a long wet winter wait, it has finally been dressed and levelled, with grass seed going down today. Whoot whoot! For now, the pets and I still have to content ourselves with the garden being off limits. We all miss it… But soon, planned garden activity begins!

Cat sitting on windowsill looking at new muddy garden

Soggy Soil Surprises

The soil here is a most unfortunate heavy clay, so we’ve got our gardening work cut out for us to establish and maintain a healthy garden. Our initial garden plans have been morphing and I have some strategies up my sleeve, but advice is (as always) most welcome. With our cool wet winter climate and heavy clay, it won’t be an easy task.

Muddy black gumboots

Social Media and Blog Updates

As those of you who follow us may already have seen, in addition to our usual photo posts, we’ve started sharing on our Instagram stories. I’ll be using our stories to keep active behind the scenes and share informal mini updates… and more than a few fails and bloopers, I’m sure. Hopefully not me facedown in the mud. Or stuck in the quicksand.

I’ve been planning up a storm (many things to share here in upcoming posts) and getting my vicarious hits of nature from walking around the local community. Thank goodness for dog walkies to keep me sane. Spring is coming on in earnest here now, and I am both loving the flowers and sorely missing having my own. Soon soon… I hope.

We will be on an adjusted posting schedule, at least until things return to “normal” in our household. I would rather take the extra time so we can share greater things a little less often than just be slave to the schedule. But we will be popping into our social media often in between, so join us on Facebook or Instagram. See you again soon, friends!

Hello from our New Home and Garden

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