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Want to work with Green in Real Life as a guest, special contributor, sponsor, or affiliate? If you enjoy what you see here on Green in Real Life and think that we might be a good fit for your target readers or customers, let’s collaborate to grow or create something wonderful together.

Collaborating with the Green in Real Life Blog

Green in Real Life is PR-friendly, flexible, and open to ideas. We consider interviews, guest posts, targeted articles, reviews, and other collaborations. See below for more details. Additional information, including our detailed Disclosure Policy, is also available here on the blog and questions are welcome.

Wondering if we’re a good fit for a product or brand collaboration? Explore our archives to get a feeling for our blog and our lifestyle. We enjoy creating unique content for the blog, including the images we use here and share on our social media. Laura (the author and blog owner) has a Diploma in Photography and a Cert IV in Digital Design, specialising in photography. The Green in Real Life niche is strongly oriented towards gardening and greener living, but we also enjoy DIY, creative projects, cooking, baking, and have an active lifestyle along with our dogs. 

Green in Real life is New Zealand based. We have a global garden-loving audience and social media following; however, our location and/or climate may not suit some collaborations.

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Media and Features

We will be adding a press kit and media section at a later date. In the interim, please contact us with your specific request or invitation. Thanks!

Invitations to Guest Post or Provide Content

We do not actively seek opportunities to post elsewhere, but will consider invitations to author guest posts where the collaboration opportunity suits our niche and would be mutually beneficial. Original articles, including accompanying feature photographs, can be created for guest posts, media articles, and other features. Contact us with your specific pitch, proposal, or invitation. 

Including our Content in a Collection or Round-Up

We love it when readers share our links, feature one of our posts, or pin our content. It’s great when folks link to our blog, share our links, and invite others to visit us. Thanks for helping us grow.  As per our Copyright Policy, if you are doing a round-up style post on your own blog or website and would like to link to our blog, you’re welcome to include one of our post images (with appropriate credit linking back to the source). If you have questions or special requests, please get in touch. 

Guest Posting at Green in Real Life

We do not actively seek outside content, but we do occasionally accept guest posts. These are limited to interesting original content from knowledgeable sources that suit our niche content and audience. Here is a quick rundown of our guest posting policy:

  • Posts must offer genuine interest value to our audience.
  • Posts must be the author’s own original created content. We only consider guest posts that are specifically garden or green-living related with original content created by the guest author. We don’t accept round-ups, collections, product posts, etc. as guest pitches.
  • The post content must be shared only in the special guest post at Green in Real Life, not shared on multiple sites. We aren’t interested in resharing existing content, whether as-is or reworked. 
  • We do not offer in-post link placements (guest or otherwise); however, guest author byline credits may include a link to their own website if/as applicable. Other links may be suitable on a case-by-case basis to provide reference or supplementary information within the guest posts.
  • The author must be a content niche specialist or suitable authority for the proposed content, with a proven track record of creating quality unique content on their own site and/or in guest posts. We actively screen all potential guests and will search for past works.
  • Post pitches and/or draft posts are checked for quality, copyright concerns, content duplication, and other factors at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to reject a post at any stage, including after publication if issues are noted.

If you think you might suit our niche and can provide original unique content, please contact us with your pitch(es). Please take the time to review the key points listed above before pitching. If needed, we can also provide a more detailed summary of our guest post preferences and approach. If we decline your pitch, it isn’t a rejection of you or your post concept – we decline most pitches as we are working to establish a very specific content style and niche. Thanks for understanding!

We do not participate in link exchanges. If linking is your pitch, then we’re not the site you’re looking for. Please don’t ask. We don’t offer on-page link placements or exchanges, and we only include links within our post text when there are strong contextual connections directly relevant to the post content.

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