Green in Real Life Seasonal Garden Updates

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We’re digging into our content construct and making some changes to how we share Green in Real Life with our readers and our social media followers. We’re retiring some of our behind the scenes content, including the Seasonal Garden Updates series here on the blog. So, what does the fresh new focus look like? Good things are growing for sharing at Green in Real Life!

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Retiring the Green in Real Life Seasonal Garden Updates

The Seasonal Garden Update series was created to share what’s happening in our home garden and beyond. We’ll be shifting that content into our social media instead, and sharing more live updates, photos, and informal behind the scenes stories, too. If you’re not already part of our social circle, you can follow us on your favourite(s) at Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter (X).

If there’s a major garden project or other extra special news, you might still see those here in Our Garden Updates,  but social media will be the best place to catch updates.

Growing and Sharing on the Blog

Here on the blog we’ll be focusing on more permanent content, like growing guides, DIYs and how-to tutorials, garden-to-table recipes, and more. Making Green in Real Life a little more evergreen! 

We’ve been working on creating some full cycle growing guides, which is a slow moving process as we step through all the stages for photos, garden-themed DIYs, and a whole lot more fresh how-to styled posts. We’ll also be updating some old favourites with new information and photos. It’s a long to-do list, but we’re looking forward to bringing you lots of fresh Green in Real Life goodness!

Have suggestions or special requests for when we’re revising old posts and/or creating our new post content? Drop us an email or DM on social media. 

Old Seasonal Garden Update Content

For now, our past blog posts with Seasonal Garden Updates are still live. That might change as we work through content updates and move information to other places. If/when any of our past posts are removed, we’ll make sure there’s a redirect here or elsewhere to help you find your way. There’s also an internal search function that you can use to dig up something specific here on the blog. Thanks for growing with us!

Green in Real Life Blog - Our Seasonal Garden Updates

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