Free Garden Journal Printables

Free printable garden journal pages

Keen to start a garden journal or refresh your existing records? Our free mix-and-match printable garden journal pages can help you create a journal that works for your individual garden and personal preferences. Choose your favourites from our massive 62 page mix-and-match set of free garden journal pages and record sheets, available in four garden-fresh colour schemes. 

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Creating and Maintaining a Garden Journal

A garden journal can be whatever you want it to be – a basic record, a quick reminder for upcoming activities, or a detailed fine-tuning tool for your specific garden. It could be as simple as some sketches and notes on what you are growing and where, or as comprehensive as a full file of your landscape plans, plantings, harvests, weather, pests, soil conditions, and more. 

See our post on creating and keeping a garden journal for tips and ideas!

Individuality is key. Create your journal in a way that works for you. Whatever format or style you choose, if you keep it fun and interesting then you’re more likely to keep it up in the long term. Only take things to a depth where they add value to you and your garden aspirations. Pointless record keeping is no fun.

My journal preference is a simple folder or binder. Call me old fashioned, but I like to have a hardcopy home for notes, sketches, and somewhere to put little bits like packets, labels, garden calendars, and guides. There are lots of options in the freebie collection to give our readers flexibility and choice, but I only use a few of these pages for my simple journal keeping style. You can read more about my garden journal in our tips post.

Creating a garden journal using worksheets and folder

Mix-and-Match Garden Journal Page Printables

When we moved to our previous home, one of my quasi-resolutions was to get things more organised, including my garden records. My haphazard collection of notes, photos, packets, tags, and other paraphernalia needed help. Time to change my lazy ways!

Since I was making some printable page layouts for my new journal, I decided to fancy them up a little and add a few extras. That way, I could share the free printable garden journal pages on the blog for anyone interested in starting or updating their own garden journal. The collection has grown from there based upon my needs and reader suggestions/requests.

As with all of our freebies, these printables are free for your personal use as a little present from us to you. It’s not required, but it would be awesome and appreciated if joined us social media, if you’re not already following. We welcome sharing, but please share the link to this post, not to the download direct. Thanks!  Visitor traffic is how we keep Green in Real Life live with free access content.

Access and Download the Free Garden Journal Files

Free garden journal printable pages in four colour schemes
Access and Download the PDF Garden Journal Files:

These free garden journal printables have been uploaded for sharing via Dropbox as a consolidated PDF files. You do not need to have a Dropbox account to access or download. Dropbox may present you with options/offers when you click the link above, but if you’re not interested, you can just dismiss those and download the file to your computer/device using the arrow icon (upper right). The pages are A4 (our local paper default), so pick fit to page if you’re printing a different size, such as standard letter.

Mix-and-Match Pages

Each PDF garden journal file currently includes (ordered as per the PDF files):

  • Cover / Title Page (Two Formats)
  • Year at a Glance Summary (Two Formats)
  • Garden Planning and Task Scheduling Pages (General, Seasonal, Monthly)
  • Garden Records (Multiple Formats)
  • Plant Information (Three Formats, Plus Colour Options for Organisation)
  • Detailed Plant Information and Records 
  • Detailed Plant Information and Long Term Growth / Harvest Tracker
  • Task Planning / Tracking – Pruning (Two Formats)
  • Task Planning / Tracking – Planting (Two Formats, Plus Two Style Options)
  • Task Planning / Tracking – Spraying (Two Formats, Plus Two Style Options)
  • Task Planning / Tracking – Feeding (Two Formats, Plus Two Style Options)
  • Speciality Garden Tracking – Watering
  • Speciality Garden Tracking – Finance/Expense Table (Blank)
  • Garden Health – Soil Condition (Two Formats)
  • Garden Health – Pest and Disease (Two Formats)
  • Garden Health – Wildlife (Two Formats)
  • General Use – Layout Pages (Four Formats)
  • General Use – Garden Notes (Two Formats)
  • General Use – Garden Worksheet
Free printable garden journal planning templates
Free printable garden journal plant information templates
Free printable garden journal task planning and tracking templates

Customising Your Own Garden Journal

Please please please don’t try to use all of these sheets! These sets are NOT intended for use as-is in a single journal, but as a whole variety pack of options from which you can select the pages you’d like to use and how. Use the bits you like to create your own custom garden journal, basic or detailed. There is intentionally a lot of choice, overlap, and similar worksheets with different formats or degrees of detail so that you can mix-and match what works for you. Check out our post on keeping a garden journal for ideas, tips, tools, techniques, and more.  

If you have little ones in the family, we also have a mix-and-match set of free printable children’s garden journal activity sheets. Our own kids are furry and not so helpful in the garden (hehehe…), but we’re all for helping to grow the next generation of gardeners and nature lovers.

Happy dreaming, planning, journalling, gardening, and growing! 

Free Garden Journal Printables

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