Creative Projects, Crafts, and Recipes Using Flowers

Colourful mixture of cut flowers on wooden table with garden snips

Add a little flower power to your creativity with our ideas for using garden flowers in crafts, recipes, and more.  April showers might bring May flowers to our northern friends, but around here they just seem to bring more showers as autumn starts to give way until winter. Boo!  Fortunately, we’re lucky enough to have a temperate climate where there are different blooms no matter what our season.  Whether you’re looking for ideas to treasure a few blossoms from your Mother’s Day bouquet, spring blooms from your garden, or the last few flowers of fall, here are some creative ideas to help.

Creative Project Ideas Using Flowers

Getting Crafty from the Garden

Preparing flowers for pressing in a wooden flower press

Flower Power Edibles and Recipes

  • Bring your host/hostess-with-the-mostess up a notch with edible flower ice cubes (and flavour combo suggestions) from here at Green in Real Life.
  • Take those ice cubes from drinks to dessert with floral ice pops, like these lovelies from Marla Meridith or these pretty pops from Garden Collage at The Nest.
  • Add edible blooms into a fresh salad for colour and flavour. Pick for flavour over looks for a tastier result – edible doesn’t necessary mean tasty.  Haha! Need flavour ideas?  Check out the delish looking summer salad from Cali Zona or the eat-your-garden salad at My Recipes for inspiration.
  • Use flowers create an infusion, like chive blossom vinegar from Vegetarian Ventures or simmer something sensational like Sprinklebakes’ hibiscus syrup.
  • Create a custom tea blend that includes dried flowers and other garden goodies.  Soap Deli News shares some great combination ideas.
  • Make a gorgeous gift or party treat by adding flowers to chocolate bark like this colourful floral bark from Paper & Stitch or rose, strawberry, and pistachio bark from Now, Forager.
  • Take a cake from basic to brilliant with a topping of fresh edible flowers. So easy!  Check out the strawberry layer cake below. I made it a few months ago for our first day of summer (where does time go???). It’s just a simple cake topped with fresh herbs, berries, and flowers straight from our home garden. Even if you’re not that into eating flowers, an edible flower topper is an easy compromise for differing tastes or looks-over-flavour. Garnishes and toppings can be easy removed uneaten, if someone wishes, and composted. 
Homemade cake covered in edible flowers, herbs, and berries

Floral Infused Homemade Spa Ideas

Creative Projects, Crafts, and Recipes Using Flowers

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