Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners and Garden Lovers

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To some of you it might seem a little bit strange to be thinking about the garden at Christmas time, but there is never a bad time for gardening gifts. Here, it’s summer and prime time for enjoying the garden, but even in the dark of winter I’m always dreaming and scheming of the growing seasons ahead. We’re lucky enough to be able to garden year round, but indoor gardening opens all seasons no matter what your weather. If (like me) you and the elves still have some shopping to do, here are our holiday gift ideas with tips for the gardeners and garden lovers on your nice list.

Living Gifts for Gardeners

Living gifts are often a go-to idea for gardeners, but can be a very tricky gift in reality. Often gardeners are short on space or following specific landscaping plans. If you want to gift plants, tailor the gift carefully. It’s best to avoid anything that will grow to demand lots of space, unless it is a wish-list gift. Annuals and edibles are much easier to accommodate in the garden. Seeds, bulbs, and planting supplies are potential option too, since they can be more easily stored for later use.

Safer still, you can give the gift of options with a gift card to a local nursery, seed supplier, or other garden supply business. Gift certificates and cards might feel a little impersonal, but in reality they can be a very practical choices. You can always include a personal note about the recipient and how you hope they might enjoy it to show you were thinking of their gardening plans and pleasures.

The Gift of Inspiration and Learning

Gardeners are always dreaming of someday gardens and looking for new ideas, inspiration, and techniques to try, so a magazine or book can be a nice gift idea. There is no need to limit yourself to just to the growing in the garden either, with garden-related or garden-adjacent books on DIY, crafts, recipes, preserving, and more. With magazines, magazine subscriptions, and books to choose from there are plenty of options and prices range from easy stocking stuffer to larger gifts. 

Tip: If you are buying a gardening guide, make sure that it is for the gardener’s home country/region, as growing and care advice can vary greatly for different hemispheres and climate regions.  

If you know your gardener well, you might be able to buy a gift certificate, tuition, or admission for a local class or event that you know they’ll be available for and want to attend.  Careful – these sorts of scheduling things can be tricky, so are best kept between besties (or drop your own hints…hehe…). You can also look at online options for perhaps a little less personalisation, but much more flexibility.

The Gift of New Tools and Equipment

Problem Solving Gifts for Gardeners

If you can, take a peek or snoop for clues about what your gardener might need or need to replace.  I’ll often drop some major hints before the holidays. If you’re in stealth mode, tools that are well-worn and approaching failure are a great indicator.  Has your gardener been grizzling about a tricky problem or pet peeve?  Look for a product, tool, or reference to help. You’d be amazed what little gadgets are on the market. A cool addition to my strange garden bits-and-bobs was a garden stake pointer. It’s basically a giant drill-mounted pencil sharpener for re-pointing or making garden stakes. Handy! Unfortunately, the supplier has closed, and I can’t find another to share example or sources.

Refresh the Old and Worn

The tools aren’t the only thing that might benefit from an upgrade or a refresh. If you’re like me, garden clothes and boots tend to be worn into oblivion and beyond. My slip-on waterproof garden boots are particularly trashed at the moment and long overdue for a replacement. Help your gardener snip and dig in style, with practical but attractive hard-working garden gear. Not able to hunt for intel? Even with care, some heavy-use items, like gloves, still have a finite lifespan when regularly used. A spare pair of high quality garden gloves (affiliate link) never goes astray, at least around here.

Gift a Beautiful Upgrade or Accessory

A beautiful upgrade for common-use items or a specialist garden product can be a real treat. Who doesn’t love being able to leave a few tools and materials out in sight without things looking like a total wreck? My favourite new addition to my stash are my bonsai style florist’s scissors (affiliate link for examples). I’ve also received some nifty garden tech gadgets over the years, from water monitors to weather stations, but it’s best to know your recipient very well before picking out a gift like that to make sure it’s something they will use and appreciate. At one stage, I had three well-intentioned weather monitors. A little more weather monitoring than needed for most gardens. Hehehe.

Other Gifts for Gardeners

Don’t be afraid to look outside the garden completely. If you’re not sure what to give but still want to keep with a garden themed gift, consumables are often a safe option. Perhaps a few gourmet goodies to use when cooking or baking with garden produce.  Perhaps a bottle of wine with a funny nature or garden related name.  Wine is always welcome at our place!

Does your gardener like to bake or cook? Help them take their harvest from the garden to the table with the gift of kitchen appliances, tools, or supplies.  As noted above, cookbooks and magazines that are focused on fresh ingredients or niche activities you know your gardener is interested in, such as preserving or herbal remedies, might also make interesting gifts. 

Does your gardener like to create or craft? DIY? Woodworking? Have they been talking about a project they want to tackle? Hunt for clues and hints. You might be able to gift them equipment, supplies, or materials that can be used to create or customise a homemade garden project. Again, gift vouchers for a shop or supplier that you think they’ll use and enjoy is still a gift selected with care. 

Does your gardener like to indulge in an occasional trip to the spa or a therapeutic massage? Gift them a trip to their favourite service as a special treat to help unwind after all that garden work.

You never know what your gardener might ask for if you dig around for hints (hehe…) or just ask straight up. I’ll never forget the look on the delivery driver’s face when my husband told him the pile of mulch he was delivering to our driveway was my Valentine’s Day gift. In reality, I wanted it and having him help slog mulch around the garden without complaint was a very appreciated present indeed. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners and Garden Lovers

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