Bee Awareness Month Buzz: Bee-Friendly Gardening

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September is Bee Aware / Bee Awareness month, and we’re sharing the buzz on our bee-friendly gardening favourites. We love our bees, indeed!  Check out some of our favourite our bee-friendly garden posts and links in this special post about supporting our bees.

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Bee Aware / Bee Awareness Month

Want to catch the local Bee Awareness buzz? Fellow New Zealand garden-lovers and bee-fans can read all about Bee Aware month and/or join in the New Zealand Gardener’s annual national bee survey with The Great Kiwi Bee Count.  Buzzzzzz!

Bees are a critical part of our global food chain and biodiversity, and here in New Zealand, their honey is an important part of the economy as well. Globally, our beautiful bees of all different varieties are challenged by disease, pests, chemicals, and more.

We can all do a little to help our hardworking bee buddies, including respecting biosecurity regulations, supporting responsible beekeeping, reducing harmful chemical use, supporting local parks and bee-friendly areas, and making our own home outdoor spaces more welcoming for visiting bees.

Ball of relocating bees resting in box hedge

Bee-Friendly Gardening

To celebrate bees this September and all year round, here are some of our most popular bee-friendly gardening posts from the blog archives: 

Close up of a bee on white flowering thyme plant
Bee-Ginners Bee-Friendly Gardens
Two bees flying to aster flowers
Creating Habitats for Bees
Close up of a bee on lavender
Bee-Friendly Garden Safety
Bee in lavender flower
Selecting Plants for Bees
Small black bug on a flower bud
Bee-Conscious Pest Control
Bumblebees on leek flower ball
Gardening for Bees, Birds, and Butterflies

More Bee-Friendly Buzz

All of our bee-friendly gardening posts are available through the archives, and you can use the internal search to buzz your way straight to something specific. We also have a special board on Pinterest for links about gardening for bees and other friendly critters.

Bee Awareness Month Buzz: Bee-Friendly Gardening

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