Hello Autumn! Creative Ideas for a Fabulous Fall

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March is here and it’s officially autumn in our part of the world. Or will be soon, for equinox hold-outs. Summer has flown by, and shorter cooler days are hinting at the changing seasons. To make the most of autumn colours, rainy days for guilt-free crafting, and nesting prep for winter, here’s a collection of fun fall creative ideas. If you’re springing into Northern spring, you can check out our fun flower project ideas instead. Whatever your season, March is also Craft Month – all the more reason to get creative!

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Autumn/Fall Creative Ideas and Projects

Autumn in the Garden

  • Grab your camera, your phone, or a sketch pad and spend some time with nature. Autumn is such a beautiful colourful time of year. Enjoy it when you can! Taking nature photos is one of my favourite creative activities no matter what the season.
  • Gather late season flowers, autumn prunings, fallen leaves, and other foraged supplies for bouquets, centerpieces, and nature crafting.
  • Enjoy the lingering flowers by making a simple homemade flower press (also great for autumn leaves) or try your hand at dehydrating, air-drying, or other preservation methods. This is great just for fun, or you can use them in other creative projects.
  • Planning on doing some shoulder season or dormant winter plantings? Check out our DIY painted garden markers for tagging new plants or refreshing current labels.
  • If, like us, you’re lucky enough to be able to garden all year round, plan and plant your winter garden. If not, start dreaming up plans for spring. It’ll be here before you know it. Optimism gets me through the dark and dreary winter weather, haha!
  • Too chilly to be outside in the garden? Bring the outdoors in with decorative houseplants, indoor herb pots, or even little microgreens. Whatever will help you smile through the chilly seasons. Bonus for the microgreens being edible, too!
Pressing autumn leaves in a homemade wooden flower press

Autumn in the Home

  • Do a fall clean. Spring cleaning gets all the glory, but after months of open windows, outdoor living, and dusty summer weather, a deep clean is a great way to refresh. Fall cleaning is my fav! I dread the deep cleaning, but it’s so rewarding when done.
  • If you’re a seasonal decor swapper, enjoy giving your home a transitional makeover.  Even if you’re not, get ready for chilly days by digging out (or making) your throws, blankets, decorative pillows, and other cosy goodness. Nesting can help keep you comfy while you save on heating energy bills, just like fall cleaning those windows.
  • Switch up your favourite summer scents for warming autumn/winter smells.  Feeling crafty? Create your own custom scented candles, like scented soy candles from A Beautiful Mess or Hello Glow’s spicy chai candles.
  • Looking a little glum out front as the main garden fades into fall and winter? Create some chilly season curb appeal. Give your front entrance a fresh new face with a pretty autumn/winter wreath or by potting up some bright autumn flowering plants. 
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Autumn in the Kitchen

  • If the heat of summer made you loathe to turn on the oven, take advantage of cooler weather and get back into your kitchen groove. Stuck in a food rut? Dig out an old favourite family recipe, try a recipe from your favourite baking or cooking website, or spoil yourself with a new cookbook.
  • Is it still harvest time? Head to your local farmers market or u-pick farms and enjoy the fresh flavours of the fall season while you can get your local favourites.  
  • Make the most of the end-of-summer harvests by experimenting with freezing, pickling, preserving, dehydrating, and other new food storage recipes/techniques.
  • When you do your deep clean, don’t forget to check your pantry and spice rack. Clear out expired supplies and make sure that you have your fall favs on hand (or on your shopping list) so you can easily whip up a tasty treat or a hot cup of happiness.
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Autumn in the Craft Room

  • Ah! A silver lining to wet weather is taking time for indoor projects. Get ready to make the most of the guilt-free crafting days ahead by organising your craft room (or crafting space and supplies).  Enjoy creating with less time and frustration looking for the tools/materials you need or fighting your way through the clutter.
  • While you sort and organise your craft space, plan some destash craft projects (free fun!) or destash supplies. Once you’ve organised your stash, you can sell, swap, or donate unwanted supplies to clear clutter and make room for what you love.
  • Plotting a craft room make-over? Upgrade project?  Autumn is a good time for tackling those DIY dreams, if you’re ready, and you’ll be able to enjoy spending time in your new crafting space during the cold wet days of winter. 
  • Rainy day? Chilly weather? Storm day? Perfect for creative playtime! Dive into a project you’ve been wanting to start (or finish) or tackle a new creative technique.  
  • Work on your winter warmer projects, like comfy quilts and winter woolies, so they’re finished and ready to enjoy when the cold weather sets in. 
Creative Ideas for Fall/Autumn

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